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The Windermere Way

The Windermere Way

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn!

The Windermere Way is a program designed to increase academic performance, decrease problem behavior and establish a positive culture.  By providing one consistent set of expectations, all students are hearing the same language, and all staff are communicating the same terms.

Based on data from students, staff, and parents, Windermere staff developed three common goals:  BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE READY TO LEARN!  They named it “THE WINDERMERE WAY”.  These expectations are posted throughout the building and on the playground.  Students are continually reminded of the Windermere Way, and there is even a special W salute!

Each fall during Windermere Way day, students get to know each other and their teacher through team building activities and games.  In 2016, Windermere Road was unofficially re-named Windermere Way.  Look for the honorary street signs!

With one clear set of expectations, and consistent reinforcement and/or consequences, students feel safe, supported and ready to reach their full academic and social potential!  #WindermereWay

Watch this special Windermere Way video featuring Windermere students, staff and parents:

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