FAQ’s about Issue #43

Here are more FAQ’s about  Issue #43

Q.  Does the plan include any efforts to raise money privately to help offset the costs to taxpayers?
A. Yes. The plan is to raise at least $5 million in private funds to offset the cost of the master plan. This is the largest private fundraising effort in the history of our school district. For more FAQs, go to www.foruaschools.org/faqs.
Did you know? Do you have a voting plan? Whether you are voting early or on Election Day, make sure you mark it on your calendar! With our busy schedules, it’s important to make a plan to join our friends and neighbors in voting for Issue 43. Every vote counts!
Q. What would the duration of the operating levy be?  What would the duration of the bond issue be?
A. The 3.75-mill operating levy would be for a continuous period of time. The 5.17-mill bond issue would be collected over 38 years, assuming level payments at an estimated interest rate of 5 percent. Per the FAB’s recommendations, it would fund the first phase of the master plan, which includes rebuilding the high school and rebuilding or renovating all five elementary schools. For more FAQs, go to www.foruaschools.org/faqs.
Did you know? It’s not too late to volunteer and show your support for Issue 43. The committee is planning a literature drop the weekend before Election Day to help get out the vote! Sign up here:  www.foruaschools.org/volunteer.
For more FAQs, go to www.foruaschools.org/faqs.
Please  go to www.foruaschools.org for information as well as to download an absentee ballot application form.  Forms need to be mailed into the FC Board of Elections so the BOE can then send a ballot form back in the mail.  If you are unable to attend N2Ns, we have stamped self addressed envelopes for the application forms available.   Absentee voting starts on October 11 so please  fill out the applications NOW and send them in so you can have your ballot and vote early!  


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