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FAQ’s about Issue #43

Here are more FAQ’s about  Issue #43 Q.  Does the plan include any efforts to raise money privately to help offset the costs to taxpayers? A. Yes. The plan is to raise at least $5 million in private funds to offset the cost of the master plan. This is the largest private fundraising effort in …

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Team KIVA Team KIVA (Kids International Volunteer Association) is a service learning group at Windermere made up of 4th and 5th graders.  Every year they host a talent show to benefit a charity of their choosing. This year they have chosen the NPH orphanage in Guatemala.  They have even “adopted” a young boy named Emerson.  …

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The Windermere Way

The Windermere Way Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn! The Windermere Way is a program designed to increase academic performance, decrease problem behavior and establish a positive culture.  By providing one consistent set of expectations, all students are hearing the same language, and all staff are communicating the same terms. Based on data from students, staff, and parents, Windermere staff developed three common goals:  BE RESPECTFUL, BE …

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Windermere Staff

Windermere Staff 2016-2017 Title vm box/ext Name Email Address Principal 7001 Mrs. Julie Nolan Secretary 7000 Mrs. Maria Bernon Kindergarten 7102 Mrs. Katy Salmons 7103 Miss Cory Wiseman 1st Grade 7107 Miss Elizabeth Ingraham 7104 Mrs. Heather Swan 7105 Mrs. Krista Walther 2nd Grade 7205 Mrs. Emily Adams …

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